What is a Secure Password?

23/09/2020 01:00:00
What is a Secure Password?



Have you ever wondered what is a secure password? A secure password is a password which is thought to be strong in case of any cyber attack. As you know the technology gets developed day by day. Thus, we are getting much more related to our computers, e-mails and online accounts. We create our special passwords in order to protect them. However there are lots of malicious people in the world. Unfortunately these malicious people may be capable of using the technology for their devilish intentions. That’s why there are many people who wants to know what is a secure password.


Why Is A Secure Password Important?


A secure password is important because it is hard to be cracked by a hacker. Nowadays, hackers generally use different methods to crack passwords. These methods are known as brute force attack, dictionary attack, rainbow attack etc. With these methods, it may be possible to try thousands of probable passwords. Guess what? They may find your special one, too. Yet, if you have a strong password, it gets harder for them to find it.

How To Create A Secure Password?

We talked about what is a secure password and why is a secure password important. Let’s talk about How to Create a Secure Password now.You may have a secure password by using different kinds of characters in your password. These characters should be upper cases, lower cases, numbers and special characters like a comma, point or question mark. Do you want to create a strong password together? Let’s assume that your name is Maria and you’re 25 years old while your boyfriend John is 30 years old. You may create your password by combining your names’ first letters and your ages: Ma25&Jo30

Don’t forget to make your password easy to remember for yourself but hard and strong for hackers.