Strong Password Rules

22/09/2020 00:00:00
Strong Password Rules


Here you can find the list of some strong password rules, and you can always use the password generator tool to generate a password that is not crackable.

How Long Should be a Strong Password?

It is recommended that a strong password should be at least 8 characters long. However 8 characters are even considered as short passwords lately. Therefore, the longer your password the stronger it will be.

Use of Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

You should use both uppercase and lowercase letters to create a strong password.

Use of Letters and Numbers

A strong password should include both letters and numbers. However you should avoid adding 2 numbers to a dictionary word to create a password, such as "Coffee27" is not a good example of a strong password.

Use of Special Characters

Another important one of the strong password rules is the use of at least one special character in your password, such as ! @ # ? ].

It is highly recommended to use special characters in your password, since they make your password much more difficult to crack.

However, it is not recommended to use < or > in your password, because those two characters can cause problems on browsers.

Using non Dictionary Words

It is also recommended to not to use dictionary words.

You can change the place of the letters of a word or drop the vowels of the word, and use it that way. For example you may use the letters “bckt” in your password instead of “bucket".

Using a Passphrase

You can use a passphrase to make it easier to to remember. You don’t want to create a password and forget when you need it. Therefore you can use a passphrase which is a string of words. A passphrase helps you to visualize a story for you to remember.

First, set your passphrase then adjust the last word of the passphrase to make it a non dictionary word.

Example of a passphrase password;


Now change the last word to avoid dictionary usage and make it like;


Never Use Personal Information

Maybe the most important of strong password rules is that you shouldn’t use any personal information, like birthdays, names of schools, favorite team etc in your passwords. Those information about yourself are very easy to find on the web and the passwords with personal information can be easily cracked.