Passwordz: Strong Password Generator

09/06/2021 09:03:00
Passwordz: Strong Password Generator


Do you remember the first password that you have ever created? It was something probably very simple and easy to remember. Many of us have had passwords consisting of our names and birth dates which are very easy to guess by others. Before, it didn’t matter a lot maybe. However, these days the digitalization is at an amazing speed. Almost everything we use requires a password: social media accounts, bank accounts, school websites, work websites, gaming accounts, Netflix accounts, and so on. You name it!

Just like how our houses have a key, our personal life has passwords. If your key is simple or if you have a simple lock, it will be easier to get into your house. That is quite horrifying and worrying. Nevertheless, we don’t carry the same worry when it comes to our passwords. Just like a house key, they are the keys to our personal life and personal information. There is no room for argument that they need to be strong and cared about.

What is A Stong Password and How Can I Create One?

A strong password should at least be 16 characters and it should consist of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, special characters, numbers, and symbols. You should also try to have a random password consisting of many random characters. They shouldn’t contain your information and sensible words as these weaken the password. We know it can be hard to have a combination of all these. With Passwordz, it has never been easier to create a password. Passwordz is a strong password generator, helping you create secure passwords.

With Passwordz you can create a secure password in whatever length you want. You will not believe this but you can even create a password consisting of 2048 characters. That is some advanced security right there! If this is too much for you, you should at least get a 16 character password as less than this is considered a weak password.

Another cool feature Passwordz has is its advanced secure password generating options. For instance, you can have a password consisting of special characters like emojis. You can use MD5 Hash, SHA256 Hash, or SHA512 Hash options which are not very common in regular password-generating websites.

One more thing you should be careful about is not using the same password for everything. In Passwordz, you can save your preferred settings and generate a secure password whenever you want.