Passwords: Not Memorable, But This Is How They Should Be!

06/01/2021 20:24:00
Passwords: Not Memorable, But This Is How They Should Be!

Using a password generator has become a necessary system since we started using passwords everywhere. You ask why? We cannot register on any platform without a password, and the purpose of passwords is security. However, most people use the same password everywhere to remember it. Perhaps these passwords aren't even secure enough. Finding your password once jeopardizes dozens of social media accounts and bank accounts. Passwordsgenerator is here as a common solution to these two problems.

Use PasswordZ to make sure passwords are secure enough

The random password generator gives you random passwords, but it does so systematically. You can determine the strength of your password and the items it will contain. What do we mean? You create a password by deciding whether to include capital letters, symbols, and numbers in your password.

Even if you always make the same choices, passwords come across differently. A strong password generator can even generate passwords with algorithms prepared by NSA. In this way, make sure your passwords will not be found. If you have 10 different accounts, you can create 10 different passwords and then file them. Even if it has created extremely long and complex passwords, you will not forget it.

What Are The Other Features And Benefits Of PasswordZ?

A strong random password generator allows you to easily change your passwords regularly. When registering on a site, you can open on the side tab and get, copy, and use a password within seconds. In this way, all your accounts are safe.  PasswordZ will save you from;

  • Trying to constantly remember your passwords. Thanks to the filing system, you don't have to try to remember. You are not likely to forget your passwords.
  • Thinking to be able to create a strong password. You can create a password with the strength you want without thinking.
  • Thanks to the advanced options, you can go beyond the usual passwords.
  • By saving your choices, you can always create a password in the same way.
  • You can create a password as desired by the application and platform of each site.

You can do all this from a single page without having to register on the site. While others create random password generator systems that wait for a password and perform this process for a long time, PasswordZ can do this in a very short time.