Meet the New Word of Strong Passwords: Never Too Late To Protect Your Privacy!

26/01/2021 23:24:00
Meet the New Word of Strong Passwords: Never Too Late To Protect Your Privacy!

The development and diversity of the internet is a positive development for all of us. However, it also brings some problems with it. When it comes to the Internet, the first thing that comes to mind is security. Security is provided by passwords. So how are these passwords really safe? Passwords that you often consider safe are unfortunately not secure. Moreover, you have the possibility to forget. The solution is to use

Each Site Has Its Own Password Format And Passwordz Is Suitable For All!

A minimum of 8 characters from 16 password format is a very common password format. Most sites request their password this way. While an 8 character password remains short and insecure, a 16 character password can be very difficult to remember. That's why people usually create their passwords from 8 characters. This reduces the security of the password.

With PasswordZ, you can create a password of up to 2048 characters. How will you remember? Actually, you do not need to remember. After the password is created, you can download and copy it as you wish. This way you will never forget your passwords.

What Else Can Passwordz Do? What Are The Benefits?

For example, you will create a password for google. Password generator can be a google password generator as you wish. What does this mean? You can customize each password as you wish. In other words, although the passwords are given randomly, they are created according to your requests. What features can you choose?

  • You can choose Lowercase letters and uppercase letters. If you want, your password can host both at the same time.
  • You can decide the length of your password yourself. You can also make a selection according to the desired format.
  • The password can contain numbers and symbols.
  • Do you want my password to be more secure, not to have similar characters? You also have such an option.
  • With the advanced options option, you can even create your password from special symbols and emojis.

Once you've done all this, you can save your choices for the next time. You can choose the same features each time. However, your passwords will be very different and secure. It is important to get a separate password for each platform. You can download them one by one and save them as files.