how to generate an app specific password?

11/10/2020 11:00:00
how to generate an app specific password?


Passwords are basic part of our lives these days, people are using app password everyday to access their personal information such as online banking password or social media password, if so, secure password is a must for our daily activities. Because, there are lots of hackers who want to access people's personal information and assets. If you want to prevent your password from being hacked in a different ways such as dictionary attack method, creating strong password is so crucial for your personal information. How can you create strong password then ? There are some ways to create secure password that is hard to being hacked. First and one of the most important step is that you should always use a unique password for each app. Do not forget that using name , surname and same password combination is very easy to access your personal information by hackers. Second and other important step is creating password in a clearly identifiable information of you. Names of friends, pets, birthdays or licance plate codes are the things that can be easy to remember and found easily online. With these information hackers can access your personal information. Therefore, using random password is a realy threat.

Specific ways to generate secure password

There are some tips to create strong password. Despite the fact that you have difficulty in these tips. You have chance to use password generator to do these tips to create a secure password. How about this password generator ? How does it work?  To create a strong password, you should use password that has at least 12 characters, one number, one uppercase letter, one lowercase latter and one different symbol. You should not use postcodes, phone number or school number. If you want to safeguard your personal information, using consecutive numbers is a bad idea. If so, it would be a weak password like (123456).

Some people let their web browser to store their passwords but, it would be an unsecured situation because browsers save these passwords. You should not use similar password that you changed one word or letter. Because it would be an weak password as well. If you do not want to spend time to create a new, strong and secure password, google password generator. Password generator will help you to create both secure and strong password. In this way, you will always remember your passwords.