How to generate a strong password?

15/10/2020 13:00:00
How to generate a strong password?


Weak and stolen passwords made up almost 90% of hacking related breaches, which is why generating a strong password has great importance. As your passwords provide access to your personal information, and assets, it is vital to create an uncrackable password at all times. Cybercriminals use many ways to hack your passwords, and one of the most important mistakes you should avoid doing is using simple and personal passwords that can be related to you directly. Also, you should avoid using the same password for more than once. You can use password generators.

There are some hacking types and attacks that the hackers use. Brute force attacks, dictionary attack, and phishing are one of them. The brute force attack can make billions of many combinations in seconds. As the password length increases, the chances of being hacked become less. Dictionary attacks usually aim for regular words used in passwords. Phishing method used the most, which is basically sending a false email that says something is wrong with your account, and by using the link they send, they hack your information, credit cart numbers and so on. The link they send resembles highly to the accurate website, but it is false. To avoid that, always make sure to enter the website from the start like writing your bank's name to the google.

How to create the best password

Here are some tips and steps to create a strong password. First of all, never use the same password twice for another account. If one of the website has a security breache, the hackers will try to use the same username and password for other websites as well. Secondly, do not use personal information when creating your passwords. Although they are easy to remember, these information, such as names, birthdays, addresses, are also easy to find online. So, avoid using personal information. Thirdly, prefer at least 12 characters, 14 to 20 long is more secure, long passwords, which should be contain letters, numbers, and other special characters.

Another step to creating a secure password, do not use weak and commonly used passwords such as 123456, or password1. You can use a phase or lyrics from your favorite movies or songs, and insert random characters, but they should not be predictable patterns. Try to find random passwords. Never share your passwords by using email or text messages. And even if you do, change your password quickly as possible. Also you can change your passwords regularly for a time period such as a year pasts and can use the google password generator.