Google password generator

13/10/2020 12:00:00
Google password generator


Google Chrome provides a service that saves the passwords, and also gives a suggested strong password while creating an account and a password. By using the smart lock feature of Google, your passwords are stored and can be accessed easily to your personal Google account. Google Chrome provides an automatic password generator and they are quite strong passwords.

Passwords get hacked a lot. Cybercriminals use various ways to hack passwords. If you are using the same password for years, your password and username are most likely on the black market. If you do not use the same password and change it frequently, then still, there is a chance you can be hacked. Hackers use a brute force attack, which is a system that generates various combinations in seconds or even faster. In order to beat this system, you should use passwords of more than 12 characters long, which are strong passwords. Also, there is a dictionary attack, in which the system tries many word combinations. So at least, you should avoid passwords of one simple word, but use other characters as well. There is another method called phishing, and it is the most common way to become hacked. The hackers send emails or text messages saying something is wrong with your bank account and send a link that they created but very similar to the original websites. By this way, if you enter your information, you can be hacked easily, and you can be robbed. To avoid hacking by cybercriminals and hackers, you should use a secure password.

Strong passwords

There are some essential steps for generating a stong password. Prefer character length of 14 to 20. Do not use personal information such as date, address, names since personal information can be found in the internet easily. Do not use the same password for different accounts because if one is hacked, it is most likely the next one will be hacked too. Try to use random passwords. Avoid to use commonly used passwords and choose letters, numbers, symbols. you can use a line from a movie, a song, a poetry, and add different numbers and symbols in between. These rules and steps are applied in google password generator and stored in your google account. Also, change your password each year, and do not share your password with someone else or via emails. Even if you do, change it immediately with another secure password.