Get Professional and Strong Passwords Easily Now!

03/02/2021 12:16:00
Get Professional and Strong Passwords Easily Now!

We register for many platforms such as Tiktok. The number of sites we register with is increasing day by day. So how secure do you make your passwords? Are you using simple passwords to remember? You should never do this. The only thing that protects you on the internet is your passwords. Now we will tell you how a password generator works and how it works.

You can generate passwords in any format you want:

Passwords are created in different formats. This may change at your request or the request of the site. For example, do you need a password with a minimum of 8 characters from 16 password format? In such a situation, what you need to do is very simple. In the section where you select the properties, ask for your password to be 16 characters. 

You can then select the symbol and number options. You can also ensure that characters similar to your password are not added. Your password consists of completely different characters. Briefly, its features are;

  • You can decide the length of your password.
  • You have the choice of upper and lower case letters.
  • You can add numbers and symbols.
  • You can save your options for later.

How will you remember the passwords if they are too long? found a solution for this too

It is possible to create separate and very strong passwords for each platform. But how will you remember them? We know that you use easy passwords so that they are not difficult to remember. You can easily copy it with the copy option right after creating a password. Apart from that, you have the option to download it as a file. Thus, use all your passwords in one file.

Did you know you got rid of too many security problems? We use passwords on many platforms. Banks, sites, apps, blogs and many more platforms. You can generate separate and very strong passwords for all of them. If one of these platforms is stolen, a lot of your information is stolen.

What you can do with Password Gen is still not over. You can create a password with special options as below.

  • MD5 Hash: Create a 128-bit and 32-character password.
  • SHA256 Hash: Generate password with an algorithm created by NSA.
  • SHA512 Hash: Create a unique 128 character password.