Always use Strong Passwords

18/10/2020 14:00:00
Always use Strong Passwords


Today's most work conducts online as we shop, pay the bills online, and so on so that having a strong password for each of such work has extreme importance. By using secure passwords, you can avoid the attacks of cyber criminals since they use a variety of ways to hack our accounts and steal the identity of us. The most common hacking systems the hackers use is the brute force attacks, in which a computer software tries many combinations in seconds. To avoid such attacks, you can use a random password generator so that the passwords will be unpredictable as much as possible. Since password generators generate random passwords, they have a better chance to beat brute force attacks.

Also, dictionary attacks are being used to hack the passwords. Dictionary attacks aim for the meaningful, regular words hence, this makes it more essential to use of secure password generators. The first rule of a secure password is that you should not use any personal information in your passwords. Personal information such as names, dates, places, songs, and movies can be found easily online, mostly through social media accounts. So, using a random password can protect you from such hacking attacks. The third hacking attack type, which has been used for the most, is the phishing method. Basically, usually by using spam emails or text messages, hackers pretend to be like a company that you trust, like your bank and try to steal your information via false web sites. Make sure that you do not give any personal information to such emails and if you suspect, contact to the company itself.

How to create strong passwords

In order to have a secure password, there are some steps you can follow, and there are some rules that you should be careful about. First things first, do not use the same password over and over again for different websites. Although it is easy to remember and easy to use like that, when a website is hacked, this will also make your other accounts unsafe to use. You can use password generators so that you would not have to generate yourself long and strong passwords. The second most important rule is that you should not use any personal information in your passwords. Although they are easy to remember, that makes such passwords also insecure and predictable. When creating a strong password, you have to be unpredictable so that you can avoid hacking attacks.

Another step of having a secure password is that you should use at least 12 characters, but 14 characters to 20 characters long are more secure. Hence, the password should be composed of letters, numbers, and other special characters in order to avoid predictability. Using random characters, numbers, and letters is vital to have a strong password. Also, change your passwords annually, so that you will keep your accounts safe enough. Another rule is that do not share your passwords with other people via email or text messages and do not store your passwords on the internet.